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Tips For How to Achieve the Most Energy Efficient Homes in Kitchener

Top Tips for Energy Efficient Homes in Kitchener

Struggling with soaring electricity bills that are depleting your budget each month? There’s a way to decrease your energy usage and bring down your electricity bills: Run your appliances more efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

A) Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Possessing outdated appliances that gobble up power? It’s time to consider transitioning to energy-efficient versions. Although the upfront cost might be more, you will end up saving in the long term. Seek out appliances boasting an Energy Star rating, a globally accepted certification symbolizing reduced emissions and better energy efficiency in appliances. For more details, visit Energy Star Canada.

B) Disconnect Appliances When Unused

Are you aware that appliances can draw power even when switched off? Known as standby power, it can be responsible for as much as 10% of your power consumption. Save money by unplugging devices when they’re idle. An alternative is to connect them to a power strip, turning it off when the devices are not needed.

C) Operate Your Appliances during Off-Peak Hours

In Ontario, especially in Kitchener and its surrounding areas, Alectra sets electricity charges based on the time of the day. To economize, utilize your appliances during off-peak hours, like early in the morning before 7:00 am or late in the evening after 7:00 pm. Moreover, you can program your appliances to operate during these times with their inbuilt timers.

Off Peak Hours in Ontario

Energy conservation

D) Regularly Clean and Maintain Your Appliances

Dusty appliances have to exert more, meaning they eat up more energy. To maintain the efficiency of your appliances, clean them routinely and stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. For instance, the lint filter in your dryer should be cleaned after each use, and your HVAC system should undergo service once yearly.

E) Tweak Your Thermostat Settings

Your heating and cooling system are the primary energy consumers in your home. Save cash by adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees. During winter, set it to 20°C or below, and in the summer, set it to 25°C or above. Also, consider a programmable thermostat that can auto-adjust the temperature when you’re away or asleep.

F) Use Your Appliances Smartly

Lastly, employ your appliances more effectively. For example, run your dishwasher only when it’s loaded, and opt for the energy-saving setting. Use cold water for laundry, not hot, and line dry clothes instead of using the dryer. When cooking, choose the right size pot or pan for the burner, and cover it to maintain heat.

By adhering to these tips, not only can you cut your electricity bill but also lessen your ecological footprint. Start applying these suggestions today and watch your monthly expenditure dwindle. For any new appliance wiring installations, call Kitchener Electricians.

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