Electric Panel Upgrade Kitchener, Ontario

Electric Panel Upgrade Kitchener, ON
Electrical panels, often referred to as breaker panels, service panels or breaker boxes, are the brains of any residential or commercial property. Located on a wall, they house circuit breakers, providing power to various sections and appliances in a building. Whenever there’s a power overload, these housed circuit breakers switch off or trip.
We frequently answer questions such as:

1) Is it necessary to upgrade your electric panel to a 200 amp panel?

Newly built properties or modern homes typically come with a 200 amp panel. If your property was built around fifty years ago, there’s a high likelihood that it is still fitted with a 200 amp breaker panel.
With the increase in high-tech appliances that demand more power and in cases where a building has more than one family, upgrading your electrical panel to a 200 amp one becomes essential to avoid tripping due to power overload. In larger residences or those that use electric heating, a 250 amp may be more suitable. For the best solution, consider consulting with a local electrician.

2) What is the cost of upgrading to a 200 amp panel?

The cost is dependent on whether you’re upgrading an existing panel or installing a new one in a new property. As a rule of thumb, plan to spend anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. However, getting an exact quote from an electrician would give you a more accurate estimate.
3) How many breakers can a 200 amp panel accommodate?
Normally, a 200 amp panel can house up to 40 circuits. If the property’s power demand is significantly high, tandem breakers can be used to install additional circuits. When there’s a need for an excessive number of circuits, upgrading to a higher-amperage breaker panel could be necessary.
4) When should the electrical panel be replaced?
Most electrical panels can last for around 30-40 years. If your home is this age and still has its original breaker box, it might be time to replace it. Regular power shortages or frequent trips are signs that the panel needs to be replaced or upgraded.
When considering electrical panel upgrades or installations, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced and licensed electrical contractors at Tri-City Electrician in Kitchener. Our team will professionally handle all your breaker panel requirements, from securing the necessary permits to organizing the final electrical inspection.
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