Power disruptions are a significant inconvenience, interrupting our daily activities and routines. Given that most of our essential appliances require electricity to function, experiencing a power outage can cause a great deal of disruption. A generator for home makes sense. At Tri City Electrician, we recognize the challenges posed by power outages. This is why we provide home-use generators in Kitchener. Our natural gas and propane generators are designed to keep you well-prepared and resilient during extended periods without power. Having generators in your residential homes or business premises enables you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle or keep your business operations running smoothly even in the face of power shortages.

With a history of over 15 years in the industry, we deliver comprehensive solutions encompassing sales and installation of residential generators as well as light commercial generators in Kitchener and across Ontario. Prevent power outages from interfering with your home or business activities. Get in touch with us to discover more about our reliable and safe home generators.

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If you’re considering purchasing a generator for your home in Kitchener or elsewhere in Ontario, Tri City Electrician is here to assist. Here are the types of generators available from us:

Propane generators

A propane generator is an apparatus that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy using propane as fuel. Given propane’s high combustibility, it is an excellent choice for generating heat and electricity. Many residential properties in areas outside Kitchener rely on propane. Some homeowners opt to install a dedicated tank for their generator, while others might choose to expand their current tank’s capacity to support the generator’s operation.

Natural gas generators

natural gas generator converts natural gas into energy by burning it. They are a highly popular option among homes and businesses seeking an emergency power solution. A large proportion of homes and business establishments in Kitchener depend on natural gas for their energy needs.


Having a backup power source for residential settings is nearly as important as having one in commercial or industrial contexts. This is because the absence of electricity means that your home is stripped of more than half of its functionality. Hence, securing a reliable backup power system is vital for managing power outages seamlessly. Over the years, we have supported numerous homeowners in Kitchener to equip their homes with generators.

Here are some advantages offered by home backup generators:

Uninterrupted power supply. These generators quickly restore your electrical connection, minimizing the time you spend without power.

Enhanced security. Many home security systems rely on electricity, so having a backup power source ensures continuous security.

Protection for perishable goods. Power outages can lead to spoiled food in freezers. With a backup system, your perishables are safeguarded.

For more information on home generators in Kitchener, feel free to contact us. Visit our blog for additional insights.

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