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Lighting Installation Kitchener ON

At Tri City Electrician in Kitchener, our Lighting Installation Kitchener ON office handle many different types of requests, most often, homeowners and business owners require pot light and chandelier installations. Here’s an insight into each service.


Pot Light Installation

Known as recessed lighting, pot lights are becoming a staple in modern offices and homes. They offer several advantages over traditional flush mount light fixtures:
– Pot lights can provide ambient lighting in almost all rooms, offering great versatility.
– They typically use long-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs.
– The light tone can be chosen to set the desired room atmosphere – a bright white light or a warmer off-white tone.
– Their unobtrusive design allows them to blend with the ceiling, highlighting other room features.

Determining the Pot Light Spacing

A helpful tip when installing LED pot lights is to divide the ceiling’s height by 2 to calculate the distance (in feet) between each pot light. For instance, with an 8 foot ceiling, pot lights should be roughly spaced 4 feet apart, providing adequate room lighting. To modify a room’s ambiance, consider using a dimmer switch to adjust the light intensity. Dimmers are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, basement, or home theatre.

Pot Light Installation Costs

Determining this cost is a complex task, due to many factors involved. The cost of the pot light fixture varies between $80 and $150 per light, and labor from a licensed electrician can run into a few hundred dollars. Factors to consider include:
– Whether the electrician requires an ESA permit to install pot lights – this is typically necessary if it’s a new addition, not a replacement, and will require an electrical inspection, increasing the cost.
– Whether there are physical barriers such as joists or pipes that need removing to accommodate the pot lights – again, this increases the cost.

Chandelier Installation

Imagine adding an elegant chandelier to your front foyer, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. One of the main questions you may ask is how much does a chandelier installation cost.

Electrician Costs for Chandelier Installation

In addition to the chandelier fixture itself, factors affecting installation costs include:
– For basic installations on low ceilings where existing wiring is available, costs could start around $300, but may increase by a few hundred dollars.
– In contrast, installing on high ceilings with no existing wiring and needing a lift may reach into the thousands of dollars.
With such a wide price range, we advise contacting us for an assessment and a more accurate quote. Our Lighting Services, Installations, Repairs Kitchener ON includes ceiling fan installations, pot light fittings, chandelier setups, landscape lighting, or home theatre lighting. Our competent and thorough licensed electricians will cater to your every need and leave your home perfectly illuminated.

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