New Construction Electrician Kitchener ON

New Construction Electrician Kitchener ON
There may come a time when you need a highly qualified electrician to handle your property’s electrical needs. Basic home electrical jobs like light fixture installation, connecting large appliances, and adding new electrical outlets can be carried out by most electrical contractors. Nevertheless, more complex tasks like electrical work for new constructions call for a seasoned expert.
Here are a few situations where you’d need to engage the best electrician:
– When you’ve bought a newly constructed home or building
– If you plan on a home addition or increasing your living space
– When the whole building or home’s electrical system needs replacing
– If you own an investment property that requires renovations
– If you intend to remodel your home into separate quarters for several families, for example, incorporating a basement suite
In these cases, hiring a top Kitchener electrician who knows the process from start to finish is essential. This involves:
– Securing a permit from the City of Kitchener before commencing any major electrical task
– Inspection of the current wiring system in the building by the electrical contractor (if it’s an older building), and proposing an overhaul if the system poses a risk, such as replacing knob and tube wiring in old homes
– Installation or upgrade of the electrical panel to provide the required power for the building’s contemporary usage, for example, a 200 amperage breaker panel for a mid-sized home
– Installing outlets, running wires and cables for light fixtures like pot lights, chandeliers, landscape lighting, and areas for significant appliances such as dishwashers, hot tubs, and so on
– Working together and coordinating with other contractors and getting approval from the City before starting drywall work
– Arranging an electrical review by a City of Kitchener inspector to approve the work
– Guaranteeing that all work complies with the codes throughout the process
How to choose a new build electrician?
Start with the fundamentals:
– Is the electrician ECRA/ESA certified (in Ontario)?
– Are they licensed and insured?
– Are they part of a registered electrical contracting company?
If the answer to all of these is yes, the following set of criteria is crucial:
– Can they provide testimonials from previous customers who have needed home additions or a new construction electrician?
– Can they explain the process, including timelines, procedures, and expectations in a clear way?
– Do you have a good rapport with the electrical contractor?
– Do they provide any warranties if anything fails within a certain time frame?
If all these boxes are ticked, you can confidently proceed with hiring them.
At Tri City Electrician, our licensed electrical contractor has a wealth of experience working with local residents, families, and business owners on their home and business electrical needs. Arranging for new construction electrical services may seem overwhelming for most people. However, here at Tri City Electrician, we’re familiar with the entire process, from start to finish. We’re here to ensure a smooth process and guarantee our work.

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