EV charging station installation and upgrade Kitchener ON

EV charging station installation and upgrade Kitchener ON
Are you looking for EV charging station installation and upgrade Kitchener ON? For those of you who have embraced the world of electric vehicles in Kitchener ON, kudos! Your carbon footprint reduction with every commute from Point A to B is impressive. To those still undecided about jumping onto the electric vehicle bandwagon, you’re certainly not alone.
Gaining insight about their advantages and drawbacks can lead you towards an informed choice. At Tri City Electrician, our Kitchener Electrician services aim to provide clarity on what owning an electric vehicle entails, as well as any necessary electrical adaptations required for a seamless transition to this progressive means of transport.

How much Does Charging an EV cost in Kitchener ON?

A significant deterrent cited by many prospective buyers of electric vehicles is cost. It’s not just the luxury brand Tesla that has dominated the electric vehicle narrative. Other popular and conventionally economical automotive brands such as Ford, Kia, Hyundai, and Chevrolet have rolled out hybrid vehicles, electric models, or a mix of both.
A comparison between electric versions and their traditional gasoline-fueled counterparts shows a considerable price gap. An ordinary gas vehicle from a particular manufacturer may be priced around $20,000, while its equivalent electric variant could have a starting price of $30,000. That’s certainly a hefty difference to consider.
Indeed, the initial investment is substantially higher, but when considering the overall cost savings over the long term, the annual cost differential lessens. The maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is significantly lower due to the fewer mechanical components needing attention. 
Should you have recently acquired an electric vehicle, a decision must be made regarding an efficient charging system. Most electric vehicles come equipped with a standard charging cord system that can connect to an existing wall outlet in your garage, however, it is probable that this outlet only provides a 120V charge (Level 1 charging). Consequently, charging your vehicle could take a couple of days. While a 120V outlet can charge a hybrid vehicle relatively quickly overnight, most drivers cannot afford this length of time and your standard charger may not suffice.
In this case, you might need Level 2 charging, involving a 240V charging system. This should be installed by your local authorized electrical contractor. The professionals at Kitchener Electrician have performed many EV charging station installations with exactness and caution. We believe that you will appreciate the enhanced charging efficiency. No more anxieties about charging your electric vehicle with your old outlet; you can rest assured (quite literally) knowing your electric car will be completely charged overnight and ready for use in the morning. Give Kitchener Electrician a call for your electric vehicle charging station installation – we are eager to work with you.

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